Are you living the life you want to be living?

 Looking for a new direction in life? Or just a simpler, happier way of being?

We are here to offer support as you seek to find  your own way forward in life – the ‘good way’ that is uniquely yours – and the peace, clarity and freedom that come when you walk it.

“Stand at the Crossroads and look. Look for the ancient paths. Ask where the good way is and walk in it and you will find rest for your soul.”

Life is full of choices, many more than we imagine…  About which path we take, how we live it and who we live it with… But how do we choose?  

The ancient proverb above gives us a clue… what if there is a ‘good way’ for each of us, uniquely our own, that life is inviting us into? The knack is simply finding it… and staying with it!

Welcome To The Good Way

At ‘The Good Way’ we provide space and support to help you do just that, to find your own ‘good way’. Only you can find it. It is your path, and your unique way of walking it. Finding it is an art rather than a science, and everyone needs a little help on the way. 

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We provide retreats to help you pause and look more deeply at what you want from life.


We teach simple ‘wisdom practices’ to help you live in harmony with yourself.
We provide 1:1 coaching and mentoring to support you along the way.


We provide 1:1 coaching and mentoring to support you along the way.

What Is The Good Way?

‘The good way’ is all about learning to live your life in the way that is uniquely right for you. Life is an amazing teacher, if only we can listen clearly to its lessons!

We have developed a set of retreats and practices that help each of us to ‘listen to our life’ and to make choices, big or small, that literally ‘bring us to life’ in all its fullness.

The foundation of this is finding a place of calm and stillness within us that enables us to choose wisely.

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The Retreats

The Good Way retreats are dedicated 2-day residential retreats that give you time and space to connect deeply with who you really are so that you can make wise choices about where you want to go and how you want to go about it.

The purpose of a retreat is to create a unique space in which you can be wholly accepted for who you are by people whose only commitment is to help you find your own way.

This is the unique power of the retreat space. It becomes a mirror in which we can see ourselves as we truly are. It is totally liberating.

We offer a range of different retreats tailored for people at different stages of life’s journey.

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What people are saying about The Good Way

  • I came to the retreat not really knowing what to expect or what I would get out of it.  I am leaving with a sense of peace and excitement.

    Past Retreatant
  • I am not sure I would have been so open minded about the career step I have just taken had I not come on the retreat

    Past Retreatant
  • What I experienced on my retreat was deeply personal of course but it was also a surprisingly liberating experience, shared with generous, non-judgemental human beings

    Past Retreatant

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