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Are you living the life you want to be living?

Looking for a new direction in life? Or just a simpler, happier way of being?

We create the space for you to find the peace, clarity and wisdom needed when you feel stuck at a crossroad in your life.

Welcome To The Good Way

Our life coaching retreats offer a quick and affordable alternative to personal coaching. We promise if you invest just a few days in yourself, free from distraction, you will leave revitalised, clearer and with a renewed sense of hope to move forward with confidence.

Our Crossroads Retreat is perfect if you are new to us. We have built the programme to support you successfully move through any challenge you’re facing. Our Finding Stillness Retreat is all about strengthening that personal practice so you can apply it more broadly in your life.

As a charity, we deliver support and respite without profit, offering bursary places to those experiencing financial hardship.

Upcoming Retreats

What We Do

Through 20 years of experience guiding people through major transitions we can support you with the tools you need to move forward. We have developed a set of retreats and practices tailored to moments when you might lose your way

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Take Your First Step

Not sure whether a Crossroads Retreats is right for you?
Here’s some free ways you can get a flavour of our work and work out where we might be a good fit.

Join us in a grounding meditation helping us move from uncertainty, anxiety and distraction to presence, peace and perspective.

The course introduces you to the idea of ‘retreat’ and gives you the opportunity to experience retreat practices for yourself.

Take a look at the latest views and teachings from our community of practitioners.

Who We Are

We are a charity devoted to creating the space for people to find the freedom and wisdom to flourish in the true nature.

We passionately believe in the good that can come from unlocked human capacity. And that we all deserve to build a life honouring the things that really matter to us.

Our Charitable Aims