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Guides Team: Mary Monfries

Mary Monfries 1-1
It’s a very special privilege to be a part of the My Good Way approach as a Crossroads retreat guide.
I think all of us have experienced personally the profound change that can come from the space, reflection and deeper wisdom that these retreats offer.  What is striking is the simplicity of the retreat and how this creates an environment where people feel they can share openly whatever they want to share, wherever they find themselves in their lives. 
My professional working life, like many of us in large client-facing “people businesses”, has been as much about the human journey, about listening and about understanding the impact of change in people’s lives as it has been about technical content. So in some ways it’s about bringing all of that ….. and simply being a fellow human being ….. to the retreat space we’re holding.
You’ll be welcomed into a space where you’re encouraged to listen to what’s really going on for you, as you step into a deeper, simpler level of self-learning.