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Guides Team: Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods 1

I love to see others flourish in who they are, living day to day with attentiveness to, the inner garden, their core being,  where both head, heart and spirit connect, to relationships with people and to their sense of belonging and purpose in our wider world. Participating as a guest on a Crossroads retreat was a catalyst for deeper head and heart connections, opportunity for rich reflection and pivotal questioning, on my own journey towards human flourishing in the midst of life’s circumstances.

Pastoral listening and facilitation using creative process and outdoor reflection are some of the tools that I have used over many years in development work, training and resourcing in pastoral and therapeutic work with communities, schools, NGO’s and organisations including NHS chaplaincy. 

It is a privilege to participate in hosting Crossroads retreats,  holding safe, purposeful space for individuals, alongside others, to reflect personally, creatively and attentively on critical ‘crossroads’ moments in life. Carefully framed questions, creative thinking processes, connecting with the seasonal beauty and rhythms of nature, active listening and reflection, the company of others, space to ‘be’ and enjoy good rest, food and humour are catalytic aspects of a what is for many, a transformative, often life-changing, 48 hour experience.