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5 – 6 October 2020 – Finding Stillness – Royal Foundation of St Katharine

2 Butcher Row, Limehouse, London E14 8DS


RFSK: 5 – 6 October 2020

Starts at 10.00am on Monday 5 October and ends at 4.00pm on Tuesday 6 October.

This is a chance to find real space in life, to reconnect with what really matters to you and, with others on a similar journey, to build a personal practice to help you stay grounded in this.

You will develop the skill of being attentive to your experience – being able to notice to what is happening to you on the inside whilst life is happening on the outside. This will help you make clearer choices in matching your behaviour to your true priorities.

It will also teach you how to tune in much more subtly to your heart, body and soul as well as your mind. Accessing these different kinds of ‘knowing’ within you will lead to a much more aligned, joyful and fulfilling way of life.

This retreat will be guided by Chris Blakeley and Karen Stefanyszyn. You can find out a bit more about them by clicking their images below.