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Finding Stillness 21-22 November

Royal Foundation of St. Katharine, London.

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This retreat is for you if you want to find a place of calm within you that helps you stay less reactive, more on top of your choices in life 

You may already have done some work, perhaps on a Crossroads Retreat, to find who you are and what you want from life, but may be getting ‘hooked’ back into old habits or not quite retaining the space or freedom to be who you want to be.

On this retreat you will develop a practice to manage your time and energy so you are more ‘aware’ and ‘choiceful’ in life; living in a way that is right for you – the ‘Good Way’ in which you can respond to events and people, not react to them.

This is a chance to find real space in life,

to reconnect with what really matters to you and, with others on a similar journey, to build a personal practice to help you stay grounded in this.


You will develop the skill of being attentive to your experience – being able to notice to what is happening to you on the inside whilst life is happening on the outside. This will help you make clearer choices in matching your behaviour to your true priorities.

It will also teach you how to tune in much more subtly to your heart, body and soul as well as your mind. Accessing these different kinds of ‘knowing’ within you will lead to a much more aligned, joyful and fulfilling way of life.

What You Will Be Doing

You’ll create a personal ‘Good Way’ practice to help you nourish and maintain your stillness in daily life as you move forward. All in a secure and peaceful environment where you’ll be free to share as much or as little as you’d like.

  1. Explore:  Reflect on the patterns at work in your life at present. How well are these serving you?
  2. Ground: Come into stillness using practices that ground you in ‘the here and now’, heightening your senses and inner awareness.
  3. Discern: what your heart and soul are saying to you as well as your head to help you find clarity, presence and peace of mind.
  4. Create:  a personal ‘Good Way’ practice and rhythm of life that will strengthen your ability to live life on your terms going forwards.