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Walking the Good Way 15 & 16 June

Royal Foundation of St. Katharine, London.

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A Walking The Good Way Retreat is for you if you want to strengthen and deepen your practice and be introduced to new and evolving ways to ‘walk the good way’.

If you are to live, you must be all alive, body, soul, heart, mind and spirit – Thomas Merton

To get the most out of this retreat, you’ll likely have already done some foundational work to help you live your own authentic life , perhaps on a Finding Stillness Retreat, or similar. It is a truth that the more authentically we live, the richer the experiences that life will send our way.

Part of living in this way involves developing a ‘Good Way’ rhythm of life and this annual retreat is to give you time and space to reflect on where you are at and to refresh your practice – to enhance your ability to be ‘all alive’ in as Thomas Merton suggests – body, soul, heart, mind and spirit.

This retreat will help you strengthen and deepen your practice and introduce you to new and evolving ways to ‘walk the good way’, and to learn from fellow travellers, sharing wisdom and building a genuine community of practice in this work.

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How Does It Work?

Walking the ‘good way’ is an unfolding process of self-mastery. It takes years to build the level of consciousness and compassion that are the hallmarks of this life and we are all, always, a ‘work in progress’.

Part of the beauty of this is being able to hold space for each other and to learn together as fellow spirits along the way.

The retreat will provide you with a chance to step back, with others on a similar journey, to deepen your connection with the ‘inner work’ that constitutes the Good Way practice.

You will be introduced to new ‘stillness’ practices and self-observations and participate in group reflections and spiritual exercises that will enable you to refresh and strengthen your capacity to live the life you are being called into.