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We offer a way forward when you are stuck at a crossroad in your life.
Through 20 years of experience guiding people through major transitions we can support you with the tools you need to move forward. We have developed a set of retreats and practices tailored to moments when you might lose your way: 


Do you feel parts of your life no longer bring you the fulfilment they once did, do you find yourself saying, ‘there must be more than this.’


This may be a break-up, or a bereavement. It also may be a change in your health or a realisation something was not as you once hoped or perceived.


Modern life is manic, always on and at times head-melting. It’s ok to feel like you have no more left to give.


We can provide a breathing space when you are feeling like it has all got too much, then help signpost you should you need further support.

Upcoming Retreats


As a charity, we deliver support and respite without profit, offering bursary places to those experiencing financial hardship. To learn if you qualify, find out more below.

Moving Online

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