The Retreats

The Good Way retreats below are dedicated 2-day residential retreats that give you time and space to connect deeply with who you really are so that you can make wise choices about where you want to go and how you want to go about it.

The purpose of a retreat is to create a unique space in which you can be wholly accepted for who you are by people whose only commitment is to help you find your own way.

This is the unique power of the retreat space. It becomes a mirror in which we can see ourselves as we truly are. It is truly liberating.

To find out more about each of the retreats we offer, just click on the image below.

Crossroads Retreat

to help you find your way forwards when you have come to what seems to be a juncture or decision point in life. This may be to do with a change at work, in your relationships, in lifestyle or health, or just simply a sense that you know you need something different in your life.

Finding Stillness

to help you find a place of peace and strength within yourself that you can access as a stable point in all circumstances. This brings a lasting freedom to make better, wiser choices when life throws up challenges or opportunities

Walking The Good Way

A regular annual retreat which helps you re-ground yourself and refresh/renew your personal ‘Good Way’ practice.