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Entering Stillness Online Retreat

It is strange how hard it can be just to be still. And in these times, even when we may have so much more time in our own homes, it can be even harder.

These are unsettling times, the world is shifting and our lives are being affected in ways we can’t predict, but feel deeply.

It can also be disturbing to be faced with the possibility of nothing to do – how we reach for distractions to avoid the deep questions it poses to us. How do we learn just to enjoy being in our own company? To be at peace with ourselves, and others, not just in the bustle of too much to do, but also the emptiness of too little?

The Entering Stillness Retreat provides a powerful introduction to the practices on which our transformational ‘Finding Stillness’ programme is founded. Unlike traditional ‘mindfulness’ programmes, which have you trying to still the mind, the Good Way approach is to tune into your deeper life energy, which has its own natural stillness and presence.

We provide practical guidance to help you sense into the wisdom of your body and heart as well as your mind. In this you can find a depth of peace and groundedness that enables you to sustain your poise whatever life may put your way. There has probably never been a better time to engage with this wisdom.

Once you have sensed your way into this – and it will be uniquely yours – you will create your own personal ‘good way’ rhythm and practice that will help you sustain this presence in daily life.


During the course you will learn, in a small online community, to hone your practice over a 6 week period – getting clear about what works for you and doesn’t work for you.

There will an option to continue in a small online support group thereafter if you wish.

The programme runs over six weeks as follows:

Week 1 – Introduction to Finding Stillness practices

  • Grounding and stilling meditation
  • Tuning into your body and your senses
  • Developing your capacity to self-observe and to respond, rather than react
  • Creating and applying a basic ‘good way’ practice

Week 2 – Applying your ‘Good way’ practice (1)

  • Share and learn from each other’s experiences and approaches
  • Further tips on how to access stillness 
  • Tuning into your own deeper ‘presence’
  • Fine tuning your practice

Week 3 – Applying your ‘Good way’ practice (2)

  • Share and learn from each other’s experiences and approaches
  • Further tips on how to improve your practice

Week 4 – Deepening your ‘Good way’ practice

  • Listening to your heart as well as your mind and your body
  • Centering in your true life energy
  • Refining your personal practice

Week 5 – Applying your ‘Good way’ practice (3)

  • Share and learn from each other’s experiences and approaches
  • Further tips on how to deepen and strengthen your inner stillness

Week 6 – Applying your ‘Good way’ practice (4)

  • Share and learn from each other’s experiences and approaches
  • Further tips on how to deepen and strengthen your inner stillness
  • Closing observations and next steps

How Does An Online Retreat Work?

You’ll be connecting with the retreat guides and the other people on the retreat using an online video platform. So you’ll need internet access and laptop / computer / tablet / phone with a microphone and camera capable of streaming video.

From facilitating retreats over the years we know how important it is to work through this process as part of a group that’s not too big. So we’re limiting the number of spaces per retreat to just 8 people.

You’ll be altogether for some of the time, and working in smaller groups of 4 plus a guide for some of the sessions. Each retreat will be facilitated by two experienced guides. 

The cost for the Entering Stillness Retreat is £150 per person. To book your place, choose the dates from those available below.

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Overview Of The Retreat

You’ll create a personal ‘Good Way’ practice to help you nourish and maintain your stillness in daily life as you move forward. All in a secure and peaceful environment where you’ll be free to share as much or as little as you’d like.

  1. Explore:  Reflect on the patterns at work in your life at present. How well are these serving you?
  2. Ground: Come into stillness using practices that ground you in ‘the here and now’, heightening your senses and inner awareness. 
  3. Discern: what your heart and soul are saying to you as well as your head to help you find clarity, presence and peace of mind.
  4. Create:  a personal ‘Good Way’ practice and rhythm of life that will strengthen your ability to live life on your terms going forwards.


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You're In Safe Hands

This retreat is led only by our most experienced guides, who have spent years honing these practices.

They bring an emotional and spiritual depth to the work that has them able to tune in to each person’s unique character and nature. The process they use draws on spiritual traditions that are thousands of years old, as well as modern psychology and wellbeing.

The retreats run with a maximum ratio of 1 guide to 5 participants so everyone gets personal attention.

“The retreat surpassed expectations. I anticipated a nice couple of days re-connecting with my practice, but what I experienced was powerful and transformative, in a very supportive environment”

What You'll Get Out Of It

You will develop a personal stillness practice that will transform your level of personal awareness and resourcefulness.

You will be better able to discern when you are your ‘best self’ and when you are being pulled out of it.

You will be clearer in your own priorities and more able to say ‘no’ to things that you do not want in your life.

You will have more quality time, and love, to give to others, and to yourself.

“I feel re-calibrated and better able to move forward in my life. I feel reopened to the broader perspective, of Love, rather than isolated individuals, and found the head/heart/gut framing very useful”


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Book On An Upcoming Entering Stillness Retreat

Not Quite Ready Yet?

Live Q&A

Still have questions? Come and talk with founder Chris Blakeley and ask any questions you’d like.



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