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Our retreats are run at venues carefully selected for their comfort, simplicity, stillness, peace and beautiful natural surroundings.

The atmosphere at the retreat centre is very important to the success of the retreat and we have therefore chosen places with generous but unobtrusive hospitality where we can, literally, make ourselves at home.

They have limited numbers of bedrooms which means we usually have the whole house to ourselves, which is important for creating an atmosphere where we can feel completely at ease.

All of the venues have some kind of history of spirituality, which adds to the peaceful atmosphere.

We are currently using three venues in the south of England but hope shortly to expand this to centres in the North West, The Midlands, East Anglia and The South West.

Our current venues are:

Waverley Abbey House

Set across the lake from the ruins of Waverley Abbey, the first Cistercian Monastery built in the UK and now an English Heritage site, the House basks in the tranquillity of a truly ancient place of peace and spirituality.

The house has 15 characterful bedrooms, all en-suite, and the retreats are run in the magnificent Abbey Room with its large windows and balcony overlooking the lake, grounds and Abbey.

Its spacious, tranquil character makes Waverley a perfect place to relax and retreat.

Stanton House

A beautiful country house just North Of Oxford, with 10 bedrooms, Stanton House is the perfect size for our retreats.

Situated in seventeen acres of land, a green sanctuary with ancient trees, a bubbling stream at the bottom of the garden Stanton is a lovely, homely venue, with a natural tranquillity where people feel quickly settled.

Ascot Priory

Nestling in 40 acres of beautiful woodland and gardens the Priory is now a centre for Retreat and Personal Renewal.

Only recently vacated by its former monastic community, the Priory has an amazing atmosphere of peace and stillness, stemming from its history as a place of prayer and contemplation for over a century.

The self-contained nature of the 10-bedroom retreat centre creates a very special feeling where people quickly feel welcomed and at ease.

Image by John Salmon, CC BY-SA 2.0