Online Crossroads Retreat

Take some time and space to properly explore your best way forward when you sense a ‘crossroads’ in life.

Somehow this feels like a Crossroads time for the whole world.

Many of us may be feeling unsettled or challenged quite deeply by what we are experiencing right now.

It may be questions around work, or relationships, or just a sense that the world needs something different from us? 

There may be new feelings and questions stirring within us – maybe grief or sadness at what we sense we are  losing, or rising uncertainties about the future and the basis on which we are living our lives, or doubts and frustrations about what we see happening around us…

Whatever questions are emerging, we always have a choice to face into them or bury them and hope they will go away. We call these threshold questions because when we face into them honestly, we always grow. We just need the right kind of space to help us do this 

This is what the retreat space is for – free, held in unconditional listening and acceptance, where we can be wholly ourselves. So with residential retreats not possible, we are pleased to be able to offer a facilitated Crossroads Retreat in a small online community – a bit of time and space to explore your uncertainties, address your questions and determine your own way ahead.

This is a chance to carve some time out to listen deeply to yourself, get a fresh perspective and discern the ‘good way’ forward that is yours and yours alone.

This online retreat takes the well proven 2 day Crossroads process and will be facilitated by our trained guides. It will run over 5 afternoons in a single week, as follows:

Monday (14:00 – 16:00)

We will welcome you to the retreat space and help you to settle in. We’ll practice retreating together and will prepare for the week ahead. 

  • Welcome, and ‘arriving’
  • Introduction to retreat principles and practices.
  • Opening activity. Grounding and reflection.

Tuesday (14:00 – 17:00)

On day 2 you’ll begin by reflecting on your current situation, what is true for you now, and start honing questions about what’s next.

  • ‘Where am I at?’
  • ‘Letting our life speak’ – where do I find myself right now and how did I get here?
  • Sharing our stories and discerning our questions

Wednesday (14:00 – 17:00)

Before being able to discern the right next steps it’s important to really listen to what you want deep down at your core. We’ll create space to do that here and will guide you through some practices to help.

  • ‘What do I want…?’
    • …from my life and my relationships
  • Listening to my deeper heart.
  • What really energises me?
  • How do I keep this available to me?

Thursday (14:00 – 17:00)

On day 4 you’ll be thinking practically about how you’ll create your own way ahead.

  • ‘Who am I?’ (really?)
  • What are my gifts and talents? …. to enjoy and to share
  • How to organise my life around who I really am

Friday (14:00 – 17:00)

We’ll close on day five by pushing into how to make the meaningful shifts you’d like to make. Again, you’ll be thinking practically about how to move forwards.

  • What now?
  • Setting new intentions for how I want to live my life….
    • …in the small things as well as the big ones.
  • Practical next steps and how to stay true to my intentions

How Does An Online Retreat Work?

You’ll be connecting with the retreat guides and the other people on the retreat using an online video platform. So you’ll need internet access and laptop / computer / tablet / phone with a microphone and camera capable of streaming video.

From facilitating Crossroads Retreats over the years we know how important it is to work through this process as part of a group that’s not too big. So we’re limiting the number of spaces per retreat to just 8 people.

You’ll be altogether for some of the time, and working in smaller groups of 4 plus a guide for some of the sessions. Each retreat will be facilitated by two experienced guides. 

The cost for the Online Crossroads Retreat is £95 per person. To book your place, choose the dates from those available below.

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Overview Of The Retreat

The retreat guides you through a process of ‘letting your life speak’:

  • ‘Stand’ – Reflect on where you are at in your life, and what has brought you here
  • ‘Look’ – Discern what you really want for your life going forwards
  • ‘Ask’ – Identify your unique gifts, qualities and other resources to take you forwards
  • ‘Walk’ – Create a plan to move forward.
  • ‘Find’ – A way of being that is right for you – your own ‘good way’

All in a secure and peaceful environment where you’ll be free to share as much or as little as you’d like.

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You're In Safe Hands

During the retreat you’ll be guided through a process that has proven itself over 15 years with hundreds of people from all walks of life.

Trained guides will lead you through and will be available to offer support over the two days.

We typically have only 8 people on a retreat, with 2 guides, so you are guaranteed the level of personal attention you need.

“Very warm hearted, gentle & knowledgeable.  Skilled in reading the group, fostering community & taking us on a journey.” Roz. March 2019

What You'll Get Out Of It

Our aim is that you make good choices at your current crossroads and have more confidence in handling such situations in the future.

People always leave our retreats with a renewed sense of inner calm, confidence, clarity and purpose. You will be much clearer on your own sense of direction in life and what your next steps will be. You will have a much stronger sense of ‘who you are’ – what really matters to you as a basis for making future decisions.

People also really enjoy the centering practices that we teach on the retreat – simple methods for grounding and stilling yourself so that you are much less distracted by all the ‘noise’ of life today.

“I’ve just loved it. The place, the space, the unexpected nature of what I’ve found. The retreat has given me strength to believe I am capable of so much more than I thought…” April 2018

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Not Quite Ready Yet?

Live Q&A

Still have questions? Come and talk with founder Chris Blakeley and ask any questions you’d like.



If you want to read more about what a ‘crossroads moment’ might be, you might find this article helpful.



Booking on to a retreat can feel like a big deal. If you’d like to chat with us before you book, let’s talk.

Rebecca talks about how her time on a Crossroads Retreat gave her the space to think about her future and what she really wanted to do.

Rebecca's Story

“It’s so rare to have a couple of days out… meeting new people who have different experiences to you, and talking to complete strangers can open up new possibilities.”

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