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Guides Team: Chris Spray

Chris Spray 1-1

It’s a complete privilege to walk alongside people on a Crossroads Retreat as a guide.  I’m here to hear you, acknowledge you and give you the space to draw out what’s often a jumbled up and confusing set of competing priorities, advice and demands from where you find yourself.

I experienced this on my own retreat in 2010 and remember how at peace I was when I left Stanton House on a freezing February afternoon.  The clarity I gained from that experience propelled me into a life quite different and more fulfilling than what went before.

In my home life I’m a dad of two wonderful teenage girls who every day teach me how to be a better parent and I’m married to Bethany my beautiful long suffering wife.  We live up in the North West of England, a perfect place for me to indulge in my love of being in the mountains and cycling in Snowdonia, the Lakes and the Peak District.

I look forward to meeting you on future retreats and hearing your stories as the emerge.