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Guides Team: Paul Redwood

Paul Redwood

I am drawn to the Crossroads retreats as they create a safe and caring environment in which to simply be. Following a career in the busy, cluttered corporate world I was aware of losing my way and a growing yearning for simplicity, stillness and love. I have come to treasure my time away from the noise and busy-ness of life, time in which I still and reflect. With Crossroads, I enjoy playing a part in creating spaces in which others can immerse themselves, allowing them to think more clearly. 

I am curious about relearning some of the ancient skills and talents (Storytelling; intuition; listening intently; questioning, journalling) that get squashed out of our lives in this age of Smartphones and Social Media. Oftentimes I meet people who trust the data that come out of their handheld device ahead of their inner wisdom. I see Leaders delaying decisions whilst looking for quantitative data that justifies them, even when the qualitative data in their gut opposes. (e.g. How long after we all knew it intuitively, did it take to finally prove beyond doubt that cigarettes were bad for human health?).

Professionally, I am an Executive Coach and People Developer with over 25 years experience. I have worked extensively in both the Public and Private sectors helping people across the hierarchy. I am also a father of 3 sons and husband to Lynn, they\’re loving and lovely mother.