A Good Way To Be.

Free weekly guided meditations


During these unsettling times, we hope that you will join us for these free online guided meditations every Monday.

These are unsettling times, however differently we are each being affected. How do we maintain our peace and poise in this times so that we can access the real wisdom we are being invited to glean from them?

We believe that our simple Good Way grounding meditation is key to how we experience these unsettling times – helping us move from uncertainty, anxiety and distraction to presence, peace and perspective. We want to make it available for free to as many people as possible right now.

For the curious exploring this for the first time, or for more established members of our Crossroads and Good Way communities, this is an opportunity to join with a group of people online for a 30 minute grounding and stillness meditation once a week.

When we do this together as a shared experience, even online, it is vastly superior to doing it on our own.

The group develops its own presence and ‘holding’ which significantly enhances the power of the meditation and rapidly takes us to a place of peace and depth. 

Held on a Monday morning, this session is designed to ‘set you up for the week’. Not only will you have a lovely refreshing start to the week, but we hope it will encourage and inspire you to strengthen and deepen your own personal practice through the following days.

The meditation will be led each week by one of our most experienced Guides and there will be an opportunity for questions and discussion at the end.

Fill in the boxes below to join us for the next guided meditationThey're live Monday morning - we'll send all the details to you by email.